Here's to the empire state of mind!

Posted: Nov 11 2016

Every entrepeneur needs money. Money is the fuel for your enterprise. Money is also a mindset. Don't set your standard too low. Go for a great business and good money. It's the reward for all the work you put in. Because most of all: money is freedom. And freedom is the ultimate lifestyle.
We read books, especially businessbooks, a lot. Our inspiration and motivation gets a boost every time we lay our eyes on the right stuff. Brainfood is what brought us here. What created The Are you Swedish? Cool Department Store and other businesses we are involved in. What we love most of all, is to share the books that have been important to us. So we sell them and you get to ask us any questions on them if you like.
One of the great books we offer is Empire State of Mind. A biography on Jay Z. Read about how he came this far in life. No sugarcoating: the hard side of this man is put into words as well.

We recommend this book whatever walk of life you are in. It will inspire you. And it will drive you into taking action. Buy it now in our Money Department. An investment easily earned back. And it is a great gift too!

Order Jay Z: Empire State Of Mind now!

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